Bill Date & Monthly Statements

Your Bill Date

PhotoShelter bills you, the account holder, monthly on your "statement day." Typically, your statement day is the day of the month that you created your account, but in cases when the account is created toward the end of the month (August 31, for example), we will default your future statement days to the last day of each month (in this example, September 30).

For subscription fees, your statement day indicates the beginning of a new term of service. For example, if your account is billed monthly and your statement day is June 15, you are paying for service through July 14 of that year.

Your next statement date is available in the Account Info section of your account. For annually billed accounts, we will send an email reminder 30 days before your account is queued to auto-renew.

Even if you choose an annually billed subscription, we will still generate a monthly statement to outline any charges you may have accrued within that month, such as transaction fees or exceeded bandwidth. Annual subscribers will want to reference the Paid Through date in the Account Info section for the next subscription charge date.

All of your past statements are displayed on your Statements page.


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