Billing Expiration & Failures

The credit card you place on file in the Billing Info section of your account is the card we will charge for any and all of the possible charge types referenced in our Services & Fees documentation.

If this credit card is declined, your account immediately enters a lockout state, which does not affect your service but will require you to update your card info before you may access your PhotoShelter account. After the account has been in lockout for 60 days, the following actions will be taken:

  • Homepage and image display pages are temporarily disabled.

  • Cart checkout is disabled; buyers will not be able to purchase your images.

  • Any presence you may have had on the PhotoShelter site (e.g. Buyer's Slideshow or Featured Photographers section) is hidden.

If no new billing info is entered for two months, your account will enter a freezing and de-privileging process that will eventually result in account termination.

When this credit card is due to expire, we will send numerous account reminders (if necessary) by email in an attempt to avoid any service interruption. Email notifications will continue throughout the lockout process in an effort to keep you abreast of any changes to your account.

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