Address Book

Keep all your contact info in one place


Your PhotoShelter Address Book helps you keep your contacts organized in an easy and practical way.

Every time you share a gallery, collection, or lightbox with a specific individual (i.e. in cases where login is required), these contacts will be automatically added to your Address Book. You may also choose to manually add contacts and/or import them from a Google or Yahoo! address book.

Like the Image Browser, the Address Book is divided into three panes.


Left Pane
Filters the contacts you're viewing: Click All Contacts (the default option) to view your full contact list, or click on a group name to view just the contacts within that group. You'll also note the Add Group button, which you may click to add new groups.
Center Pane
Displays the name, email, company name, and Invoiced Client / Trusted Client status for all contacts (or just those in the group you're currently viewing). At the top of the Center Pane, you'll note the Select All / None controls, the Add a New Contact button, the Actions drop-down menu, the Import drop-down menu, and the Sort drop-down menu. The sort order of your contacts defaults to email, but you may change this to Display Name or Company as you see fit.
Right Pane
Includes the name search/filter, as well as the information of the currently selected contact. You may edit any contact's info -- including their Trusted Client or Invoiced Client status -- by clicking the pencil icon.


Importing Contacts from Google or Yahoo!

1. From the Center Pane, click on the Import drop-down menu, and choose your preferred contact list.

2.  This will trigger a Request for Permission pop-up window. If you're not already signed into either Google or Yahoo!, you'll need to enter your password in order for PhotoShelter to access your contacts.  

3. Click the Allow Access button (for Google) or the Agree button (for Yahoo!).

4. Your contacts will appear with check boxes next to each name. Check the contacts you'd like to import, and click the Add to Address Book button. 


Adding a Trusted Client

The Trusted Client feature allows you to assign sitewide download permission to certain individuals. 

1. From the Center Pane, select the contact you'd like to designate as a Trusted Client. 

2. Click the pencil icon in the Basic Info section in the Right Pane.

3. From the Trusted Client Permission drop-down menu, select the maximum download size for this contact. This will grant unlimited download access (with this maximum file size) to this contact.

4. Click the Save button.


For more on Trusted Clients, check out our detailed Trusted Client Download tutorial.


Adding an Invoiced Client

The Invoiced Client feature allows you to designate specific clients with the ability to check out through your website's shopping cart without requiring their billing information upfront.

1. From the Center Pane, select the contact you'd like to designate as an Invoiced Client. 

2. Click the pencil icon in the Basic Info section in the Right Pane.

3. Check the Allow Invoicing box. This will allow this contact to check out via your website's shopping cart without remitting payment at the point of sale. An invoice will be created, but it will be your responsibility to collect payment directly from the buyer.

4. Click the Save button.


For more on Invoiced Clients, check out our detailed Invoiced Client tutorial. 

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