Low-Resolution Comp Downloads

A low-resolution comp (i.e. a compositing image) is a 500-pixel image with a watermark that your clients can use for their mock-up purposes. At this time, 500-pixel is the only option for low-res comps. 

You can set a global preference to allow users to download your images as low-res comps, which are free of charge. All the IPTC data associated with the file will be embedded into the low-res comp file, which ensures that ownership and contact information is present.


Enabling Low-Res Downloads

1. Select Website > Image Security from the Navigation Bar. 

2. Next to Allow Low-Res Comp Download? select the Yes option. 

Note: If you allow comps, we strongly recommend that you set up a watermark. If you already have image watermarking set up, then your watermark will always appear on low-res comps (there is no way to disable this feature).


3. Now you need to make sure that you have the Download Link enabled on your Gallery Image Display and/or Search Results Image Display pages. Select Website from the Navigation Bar, then click Archive Page Settings from the left-hand side navigation. Select Gallery Image Display, and make sure the Download Link is checked. Do the same for your Search Results Image Display page so clients are able to download low-res comps not just through a direct gallery, but also after performing a keyword search from your site. 

Make sure you click the blue Save Page Layout button at the bottom of the pages to commit your changes. 

Note: These instructions apply to our Classic Websites Platform. If you have a Beam portfolio, you can enable/disable download links on the main Archive Page Settings page.


4. Finally, you can view all low-res downloads in your Image Statistics by clicking Website > Statistics from the Navigation Bar. Make sure you have Download Logs selected. The stats show you:

  • The Filename of the image that was downloaded.
  • The Name of the person who downloaded the image.
  • The person's IP Address.
  • The download Type (LO-RES for low-res comps).
  • The Date and Time of the download. 

You can click on the person's name to send them an email about his/her interest in your image.  



Note: In order to download a low-res comp, your client must be logged in to a free PhotoShelter Image Buyer account. This is so you can properly track all of your comp downloads. If your client does not have an account with us already, he or she will have the option to create one through the login prompt.

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