Mobile App FAQ

View our detailed help article on how to use the mobile app here


What is it?

This mobile app was created to make account administration quicker and easier for photographers in a mobile environment. Actions such as sending gallery and collection invitations, delivering images via Quick Send, and uploading images from your phone (among other actions) are supported. 


What mobile platforms are supported?

Currently the app is available for iOS devices (running iOS 7.0 and above), and Android devices (running OS 4.1 and above).

Formally supported devices: iPhone 5 & 6, Nexus 4/5x/6/7, and Samsung 4/S4/S5

Compatible devices: iPad, iPad mini, and iPod

While most of our testing revolved around the smartphone experience, the app should work for your tablets, as well. If you're having trouble with any iOS/Android device, please contact our Client Services team.


What account types are supported?

The app was designed specifically with individual photographers in mind, so it will support active Basic, Standard, and Pro single-user accounts. Any other type of account, including Image Buyer, Multi-User or Libris, cannot use this app. 


Where can I get the app?

You can download the app for free by going to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store


Can I save images from my archive to my phone?

Yes, images can be saved directly to your Camera Roll by tapping the “3 dots” menu in the upper right corner of an image screen on your device. The app will download up to 2040 pixel JPG version of your image.


How can I upload images from my phone?

Uploading from a mobile device is one of the most popular features, and you can start the process from within a gallery (by tapping the “3 dots” menu in the upper right corner of a gallery screen), or by tapping the “Upload” icon in the bottom menu bar. You can upload up to 20 images at a time.


Can I receive Push Notifications about client activity?

Yes! The app can send you an alert each time an image has been downloaded from your account, or each time a sale has been completed. To enable this, you must authorize the PhotoShelter app to send push notifications to your device in your iPhone’s “Settings > Notifications” control panel. 

Note: This feature is currently being improved so push notifications are not active at this time. They will be back soon. Thank you for your patience! 


Can I install this app on more than one device?

Yes, the app will function on multiple devices at the same time. 


Can I control the design/layout of my PhotoShelter website from the app?

No, the interface demands for design of your website need more screen area than a phone can provide, so you will need to use a computer and a web browser for this type of action.


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