International Currencies

Your ability to receive payments from international currencies (those outside the U.S.) will depend on your chosen payment processor. 

PayPal lets you send and receive payments in over 190 countries and regions. See PayPal's website for more specific information.
Currently Stripe is available for business in 23 countries with payments accepted worldwide. Visit for the list of countries and more specific information. 
Merchant account
Check with your specific provider regarding international currencies.


A special note for rights-managed image pricing

fotoQuote®, an industry-standard software that is integrated into all PhotoShelter accounts to give photographers the ability to calculate pricing for rights-managed images, provides pricing information in U.S. Dollars. However, depending on the currency preference you choose in your Sales Settings, PhotoShelter will automatically convert the pricing for you based on a daily sampling of the currency exchange. This means that you might see variance in price on a day-to-day basis due to fluctuation in exchange rates.

For exampleA given usage might price for USD$379 on Monday. A seller in New Zealand who transacts in NZD will have that price automatically converted to NZD$551 on a given day for an image buyer; a buyer that returns the next day and prices an image with the same usage might see a price of NZD$548 because of currency fluctuations.


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