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The PhotoShelter Photographer Directory is an opt-in list of photographers on PhotoShelter that is linked from the Find a Photographer link on the PhotoShelter homepage. We do not automatically include all subscribers because we realize that not every photographer wants to be listed. We do suggest adding yourself, however, because being in the directory maximizes your exposure, helps with your positioning in search-engine results, and is a good step in marketing yourself.

All Basic, Standard, and Pro accounts allow you to be listed in the Photographer Directory.


Adding Contact Info & Opting into the Photographer Directory 

1. Select Hi, My Name > Contact Info/Directory from the Navigation Bar. 

2. Under Your Contact Info, click the Add Address and Add Phone buttons to input your information. Click the Submit button to save your information.


3. To opt into the Photographer Directory, click the Edit Entry buttonCheck the box next to Publicly Listed, and then enter:

Homebase Zip code
Your home or work zip code. Note that our directory search supports international searches provided you have entered a country in the Contact Info section on this page.
Travel radius
How far from your homebase zip code you're willing to travel, which is important when buyers are searching for people in their general area.
This is an optional field that allows you to specify your typical working rates. You can enter a rate and a rate unit (i.e. per day, per hour, per job). These parameters are not searchable because we do not want to exclude photographers that are not comfortable advertising rates without knowing the specifics of a job.
When you add a specialty, you also have the opportunity to link it to a gallery. For example, if you choose "Weddings" as a specialty, you could set up a "Best of Weddings" gallery, and link it to that specialty. You can add as many specialties as you want, but we suggest only citing ones that are truly represented by the images on your website - otherwise, it's a major turnoff to buyers.

Note: The Photographer Directory allows buyers to search by specialty and proximity. For best results, link your specialties to specific galleries.


4. Click the Update Entry button to save your information. 

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