Refer-a-Friend Referral Program

The Refer-a-Friend program is an easy way for you to share PhotoShelter with fellow photographers and simultaneously earn account credits that can be used toward your PhotoShelter subscription fee.

Every PhotoShelter account holder has a unique Refer-a-Friend code that is used to link your friends' signups back to you. Your Refer-a-Friend code must be used at the point of signup in order for you to receive an account credit (and for your friend to receive his or her discount). After your friend's first month, you'll receive this credit, which you can use toward your PhotoShelter subscription or other fees.


Referring Your Friends  

1. Select Hi, Your Name > Refer-a-Friend from the navigation bar. 

2. To invite your friends to join PhotoShelter, you may send them your Refer-a-Friend code or Refer-a-Friend link directly. We suggest sending them the Refer-a-Friend link, which you can find on this page. (It is listed on the left hand side of your member homepage, as well, for quick and easy access!)

Share It via Email

Just copy your unique code (from your homepage, or refer-a-friend page) and paste it directly in your email message. 

Share It on Social Media

You can find the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin icons on your member homepage in the refer-a-friend section on the left, as well as on your refer-a-friend page. 

Share It on Your Website or Blog

You can embed the following badges on your website that will automatically link to a PhotoShelter page with the referral information for your friend. Simply cut and paste the code from the size of badge you’d like into the HTML of your website where you would like the badge placed. Don’t forget to include your Refer-A-Friend link.

<a href=""> <img src="" width="125" height="50" alt="Join me on PhotoShelter"></a>

<a href=""> <img src="" width="125" height="125" alt="Join me on PhotoShelter"></a>

<a href=""> <img src="" width="200" height="200" alt="Join me on PhotoShelter"></a>

<a href=""> <img src="" width="250" height="250" alt="Join me on PhotoShelter"></a>


Finally, all PhotoShelter websites using our Classic themes have a Powered by PhotoShelter link in the footer. Clicking this link will also bring your site's visitors to your Refer-a-Friend page.

When someone clicks your Refer-a-Friend link or one of the badges, they will be taken directly to your personalized Refer-a-Friend page, which has more information about PhotoShelter and the benefits of signing up.

3. When your friend visits your Refer-a-Friend page and then clicks the Try Us For Free button, we automatically apply your personal Refer-a-Friend discount code.

Note: People who register for PhotoShelter using a Refer-a-Friend code will begin with a free 14-day trial, and will then receive the discount at the time of first billing.

If your friend chooses not to sign up for PhotoShelter at that time, but then revisits the PhotoShelter Plans & Pricing page within 30 days, your Refer-a-Friend code will automatically be recognized and appended to the signup page (meaning your friend doesn't have to manually enter it and you still get the credit!).

4. After your Refer-a-Friend code has been applied - whether manually by your friend or via your Refer-a-Friend page - your friend can view their discount by clicking on the details link. (This information is also listed on your Refer-a-Friend page.) Then your friend will need to choose one of the PhotoShelter Plans and click the red Try Us For Free button.

Note: If your friends already have free PhotoShelter accounts (either Starter or buyer accounts), they may also use your Refer-a-Friend code to upgrade to a paid account. In these cases, the existing account holder must log in to his or her account and enter your Refer-a-Friend code into the Promo/Referral Code box available on the upgrade page - then the discount will be applied.

5. When your friend proceeds to the registration page, the one-time discount will be shown in the plan selection on the right side, along with the regular rate.


6. When the sign-up process is complete, you'll receive an email with the news of your friend's signup.



Refer-a-Friend Credit History

All of your usage history is logged in Refer-a-Friend Credit History. You can access this by selecting Hi, Your Name > My Account from the Navigation Bar, then clicking Refer-a-Friend Credit History from the left-hand side navigation.

Here you can review who has signed up, when the signup took place, and the expected credit amount and date of its availability. Also calculated here are the total number of referred friends and the credit you've earned thus far.

Also, because in some cases you may not know who your "friends" are (for example, if they've signed up after clicking on one of your badges or the "Powered by PhotoShelter" link on your site), you may contact them directly from this page by clicking on the name in the "Friend's Name" column. This will pop up a new window into which you may email this person directly to say thank you, introduce yourself, etc.

Note: You do not receive credit for your friend's signup until 30 days after his or her signup date. 

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for program specifics.


Still have questions? Contact us.