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Give complete access to the clients you trust most

The Trusted Client feature allows you to assign sitewide download permission to certain individuals. Rather than have to assign download access via the gallery or collection level, by using Trusted Client you are essentially allowing the client to download anything he or she may view -- whether it's from search results, contained within an unlisted gallery, or anywhere else. (Trusted Client does not allow people to see images they aren't otherwise able to view -- it simply allows any viewable image to be downloaded at a maximum size you designate.)

You choose the maximum size at which a given client may download his or her selections, even allowing for original download access if you so choose, and you may keep track of your client's downloads from the Download Logs page.

To access Trusted Client privileges, your client will need to log in to his (free) PhotoShelter account.


Designating a Trusted Client

1. You can designate a Trusted Client through your PhotoShelter Address Book. To read more about the Address Book, click here. From within the Center Pane of your Address Book, select the contact you'd like to designate as a Trusted Client. 

2. From the Right Pane, click the pencil icon in the Basic Info section.

3. Here you may enable Trusted Client access via the provided drop-down menu. Select the appropriate maximum image size for the client in question. 

4. Click Save.   


Note: Be sure your Trusted Client is logging in to their account with the same email address that you have in your PhotoShelter Address Book.


Adding Download Links to your Website

In order for any image to be downloadable from your website, you must have the appropriate download links enabled on your website pages. 

1. From the main site navigation, click Website > Archive Page Settings > Gallery Display. 

2. Check the box next to Batch Download Link, and click the Save Page Layout button

3. Click Gallery Image Display, check the box next to Download Link, and click the Save Page Layout button. 

4. Repeat Step #3 on the Search Results Image Display Page

5. This will enable download links on each of these pages on your website. When a Trusted Client clicks on any of these links, he or she will be prompted to log in or create an account. By creating an account with the same email address that has Trusted Client access in your Address Book, your client will instantly have the designated download access to anything they can view. 


How Trusted Clients Create Free PhotoShelter Accounts

Important: Be sure your client creates his or her free account with the same email you used for his or her Trusted Client access in your Address Book.

There are four ways your Trusted Clients can create or log in to their free accounts. Each is quick and easy!

Follow the Download buttons
When your Trusted Client wants to begin a download, he or she will click the download link for that image or gallery, and if he or she isn't already logged in, he or she will be prompted either to log in or to create a new account. By creating an account with the same email address that has Trusted Client access in your Address Book, your client will be able to proceed with that (and any other) download.
Grant the client access to a specific gallery
If your Trusted Client is new to PhotoShelter, you may want to start by granting your client access to a specific gallery. PhotoShelter will detect that he or she is new to the system and will guide your client through the quick account creation process prior to granting access to the gallery. For more on granting access to a specific gallery, check out our detailed Gallery/Collection Access: Who Can Download Your Images? tutorial.
Add the My Account page to your website's navigation
You can add a My Account link to your website's navigation, which will lead clients to a page where they may log in to or create a new free buyer account. Enable this link from your navigation by clicking Website and scrolling down to the Navigation section. Here, check the box next to My Account, and click the Save button.
Sign up via the PhotoShelter website
The direct signup link for a free buyer account is available here.

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