Step 2: Configuring Your Payment Processor

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When you sell through PhotoShelter, you receive payment directly from your customer at the point of sale, making you the merchant of record. In order to receive funds, you need a payment processor. PhotoShelter supports PayPal, Stripe, and merchant accounts:

A redirected payment option whereby your customers must go to the PayPal site to complete the transaction. In most cases, buyers do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase and may simply use a credit card.
An integrated solution, which means your customers do not have to leave your site in order to remit payment. This provides a better user experience, does not require you to have a merchant account or gateway, and clients can still use their credit cards.
Merchant accounts
An integrated solution, which means your customers do not have to leave your site in order to remit payment. This provides a better user experience, but merchant accounts carry a monthly fee.

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Configuring Your Payment Processor 

Once you've set up an account with either PayPal, Stripe, or a merchant account, you'll need to configure it to work with your PhotoShelter account.

1. From the Navigation bar, click Sell > Sales Settings. Click the Get Started! button.

2. Choose the buyer payment method you've set up an account with. Configuring Stripe will require the API Live Secret Key (located in your Stripe account), PayPal will ask for the email address you have associated with your PayPal account, a merchant account with Netbilling will require the Dynamic IP Security Code (located in your Netbilling account), and a merchant account with Authorize.Net will require the Authorize.Net Api Login ID and Key (both located in your Authorize.Net account). With either of the merchant account options, you will also be able to select which types of credit cards you wish to accept (as indicated here).

3. You have the option to enter a physical address which will appear on your invoices. We recommend doing so.

4. The Sales Preferences area will allow you to choose the currency in which you wish to transact (this currency will be displayed to your buyers), set a minimum order amount for all purchases made from your site, and upload your own personal licensing terms, which can  supplement PhotoShelter's generic licensing agreement. Further, if you have granted specific clients/buyers Invoiced Client permission, which would enable them to check out from your website but remit payment offline, you can choose to include Invoice Payment Instructions in this area. Those instructions would be displayed to your Invoiced Clients during the checkout phase.

5. Click the Activate Now button to agree to the terms and conditions and start selling.

Note: You'll see the image to the right once you've set up your account for sales. You can update or make changes to your settings at any time.


Which currencies does PhotoShelter support?

PhotoShelter supports the following currencies:

        • Canadian Dollar
        • Euro
        • British Pound
        • U.S. Dollar
        • Japanese Yen
        • Australian Dollar
        • New Zealand Dollar
        • Swiss Franc
        • Hong Kong Dollar
        • Singapore Dollar
        • Swedish Krona
        • Danish Krone
        • Polish Zloty
        • Norwegian Krone
        • Hungarian Forint
        • Czech Koruna
        • Israeli New Shekel
        • Mexican Peso
        • Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
        • Malaysian Ringgit (only for Malaysian members)
        • Philippine Peso
        • New Taiwan Dollar
        • Turkish Lira


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