Setting a Cover Image

An image to represent your gallery

The cover image for a gallery or collection serves as its preview in both the Image Browser and on your website. There is no cover image set by default, but never fear, if you haven't chosen a cover image for the galleries and collections on your website, PhotoShelter will automatically use the first image in the gallery or collection as a preview for your visitors. When viewing items within your Image Browser, however, you'll need to manually choose a cover image in order to see thumbnail previews. 


Setting Your Gallery or Collection's Cover Image 

This image will represent your gallery or collection.

1. Select the gallery or collection from the Left Pane.


2. In the Center Pane, click the image that you want to serve as your cover image and drag it over to the designated area at the top of the Right Pane. If there's no cover image already set, you’ll see an image placeholder with the text, “Drag image here to set cover image.” If you already have a cover image set, you may replace it anytime by dragging another image there.


Note: The cover image of a collection must be the same cover image as one of its galleries. (So, to set the cover image of a collection, you'll actually be dragging a gallery thumbnail to the Right Pane.)

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