Making Images Searchable

Controlling the searchability of your content

In order to for an image to be searchable from your website's Advanced Search Page or the global search tool at the homepage, you must explicitly mark it as searchable. Marking an image as searchable also improves its chances of being indexed by a search engine such as Google.

Note: The searchability of an image is completely separate from the visibility of the gallery in which it's contained.

This distinction makes it possible for you to keep a tightly edited list of galleries on your website, but still have your full archive available via search. On the flip side, this also allows you to have certain images viewable to anyone who visits your website, but not have these images visible via a global search.


Changing Image Searchability 

1. From the Center Pane of your Image Browserselect the images that you'd like to make searchable (or not publicly searchable). You can select all (or none) of the images within a gallery via the Select All / None links at the top of the Center Pane.


2. Click the Actions drop-down menu > Make searchable/unsearchable. You'll then see a pop-up box in which you may choose the appropriate setting for your selection. Publicly searchable images are represented by a green magnifying glass icon, which appears beneath the image thumbnail in the Center Pane.




Note: To make a single image searchable, select the image in the Center Pane and locate the Quick Action Buttons in the Right Pane. Click the green magnifying glass icon to trigger the searchability.


Tip: To save some time, you may also set pricing and searchability for a set of images in the same step. Select the images to which you want to assign prices (click here for the full pricing tutorial), and when you're done organizing pricing, be sure to check Also make images searchable (in the lower left-hand corner of the window) before clicking Submit.

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