Instant Sale

Instant Sale allows you to select a single image from your Image Browser, affix a price, collect payment online, and send an automated delivery to your client. This is a good option for one-off sales that might be negotiated offline.

The usage rights for the image are embedded in the IPTC metadata if the file is delivered as a JPG. PhotoShelter allows the buyer to download the images for up to 10 days, after which they will have to contact you if they need to retrieve the image again.

Note: You must have configured your payment processor to do an Instant Sale, even if you plan to handle the payment offline. Read more about Configuring Your Payment Processor.


Creating an Instant Sale

1. Select Images from the Navigation Bar. Next, select the gallery in which the image you want to sell lives in the Left Pane. Then select the specific image in the Center Pane and double-click it.

2. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Instant Sale.

3. A pop-up box will appear where you can enter the email address or contact name (if the client is already in your Address Book) in the recipient field. 

If you are licensing the image for rights managed usage, you can click the FotoQuote Lookup button to run through a pricing calculator. This will generate an appropriate price for the image and provide you with usage language. Alternatively, if you're selling a royalty-free license or want to affix your own price, enter a price that you will sell the image for in the appropriate field.

Then you have three checkbox options:

Send original file type (e.g. RAW, PSD)
If you want the buyer to have access to the original file format , check this box.
Invoice this sale (payment not required before download)
If you intend to invoice and charge the sale outside of the PhotoShelter shopping cart, you can allow the user to simply agree to the terms and conditions of the license and download without paying. If you choose this option, you cannot check the box to require the buyer to enter his or her address information. 

Note: You will still be assessed a transaction fee for this sale.

Require buyer to enter address information
Since downloads don't explicitly require address information, you can opt to require it before your buyer can download the image (if paying through the PhotoShelter shopping cart).

 4. Click the Submit button, and you're all set! 


What Your Buyer Sees

A look at an Instant Sale from the buyer's point of view. 

If you're requiring your buyer to make his or her payment through the PhotoShelter shopping cart, then he or she will receive a sales invoice that provides a link to your website's cart from which he or she can purchase the image by entering billing information. The email also includes a sales invoice with the following:

  • Invoice #
  • Order Date
  • Order Total
  • Payment Method
  • Balance Due

Your buyer should hit the Click here link to view the invoice and download the image

When your buyer clicks a link from the email, he or she will be prompted to create a free image buyer's account on your website (if he or she doesn't have one already). Your buyer will create a password so he or she can come back later and review orders, download files, and more. 

Note: If your buyer does have a free image buyer's account, you should send the Instant Sale to the email address associated with the account.

If your buyer doesn't have a buyer's account or hasn't logged in to your website, he or she will be required to sign up for one. 


Once the buyer is logged in, he or she will need to click the Continue with Payment button before he or she can access the image download.

If you're requiring payment through PhotoShelter, then the buyer will be prompted through a normal cart checkout process. Learn more about what buyers see when checking out via the shopping cart.

After a transaction has been completed, PhotoShelter retrieves the appropriate file(s) from its database and sends off an email to your buyer with a link where the image can be downloaded.


If you've chosen to invoice the sale offline and not require payment before download, then your buyer will automatically receive a email with a link to download the image.

Upon clicking on the link to download the image, the buyer will be directed to the "My Downloads" page to download the images.

Note: For security purposes, the download link in this screen is time sensitive for up to 10 days after purchase.


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