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Based in Eagan, Minnesota, White House Custom Colour (WHCC) is a full service, professional photographic and press printer, offering complete lines of photographic prints on professional papers, finishing services and press printed greeting cards, products, books & albums. Founded in 1977, WHCC has grown to become a one-stop digital printing solutions provider for professional portrait and wedding photographers worldwide. WHCC operates satellite photographic and press printing facilities in Dallas, Texas and Fresno, California. 


Product List 

You can find all the prints and products you may offer through your PhotoShelter website if you choose to use WHCC as your integrated print vendor here. Please note the wholesale cost of each item on this list. As the seller, you are responsible for the wholesale costs of the individual prints and products your clients order. When you make a sale, we will assess these costs and charge you on WHCC’s behalf on your next month’s PhotoShelter statement.

** As of June 1, 2019 prices for the following WHCC prints and products are increasing. ** 

WHCC Prints and Products 2018 Wholesale Cost
2019 Wholesale Cost
8-up wallet (2.5"x3.5") prints $2.42 $2.53
8-up wallet (2.5"x3.5") prints (metallic) $2.90 $3.04
3.5"x5" print $0.80 $0.86
3.5"x5" print (metallic) $0.96 $1.03
4"x5" print $0.80 $0.86
4"x5" print (metallic) $0.96 $1.03
4"x6" print $0.86 $0.91
4"x6" print (metallic) $0.99 $1.10
4"x10" panoramic print (metallic) $2.01 $2.05
5"x5" print (metallic) $1.43 $1.45
5"x7" print $1.38 $1.49
5"x7" print (metallic) $1.63 $1.78
5"x10" panoramic print (metallic) $2.29 $2.31
5"x30" panoramic print $17.93 $20.13
5"x30" panoramic print (metallic) $21.48 $21.52
7"x10" print $2.42 $2.53
7"x10" print (metallic) $2.90 $3.04
8"x8" print $2.70 $2.81
8"x8" print (metallic) $3.23 $3.37
8"x10" print $2.42 $2.53
8"x10" print (metallic) $2.90 $3.04
8"x12" print $4.18 $4.46
8"x12" print (metallic) $5.02 $5.35
9"x12" print $4.18 $4.46
9"x12" print (metallic) $5.02 $5.35
10"x10" print $3.19 $3.41
10"x10" print (metallic) $3.83 $4.09
10"x13" print $4.29 $4.57
10"x13" print (metallic) $5.15 $5.48
10"x15" print $4.84 $5.17
10"x15" print (metallic) $5.81 $6.20
10"x20" panoramic print $10.29 $10.95
10"x20" panoramic print (metallic) $12.34 $13.13
10"x30" panoramic print $19.42 $20.63
10"x30" panoramic print (metallic) $23.29 $24.75
11"x14" print $4.84 $5.17
11"x14" print (metallic) $5.81 $6.20
11"x16" print $7.32 $7.76
11"x16" print (metallic) $8.73 $9.31
12"x12" print $4.79 $5.12
12"x12" print (metallic) $5.75 $6.14
12"x18" print $7.32 $7.76
12"x18" print (metallic) $8.73 $9.31
12"x24" panoramic print $17.05 $18.10
12"x24" panoramic print (metallic) $20.46 $21.71
15"x30" panoramic print $29.48 $31.30
15"x30" panoramic print (metallic) $35.37 $37.55
16"x20" print $16.78 $17.82
16"x20" print (metallic) $20.08 $21.38
16"x24" print $24.59 $26.07
16"x24" print (metallic) $29.48 $31.28
20"x20" print $25.14 $26.68
20"x20" print (metallic) $30.14 $32.01
20"x24" print $25.41 $26.95
20"x24" print (metallic) $30.47 $32.34
20"x30" print $31.79 $33.72
20"x30" print (metallic) $38.12 $40.46
24"x30" print $39.00 $41.36
24"x30" print (metallic) $46.81 $49.63
24"x36" print $52.58 $55.77
24"x36" print (metallic) $63.09 $66.92
30"x30" print $52.58 $55.77
30"x30" print (metallic) $63.09 $66.92
30"x40" print $53.74 $56.98
30"x40" print (metallic) $64.46 $68.38
30"x45" print $62.98 $66.77
30"x45" print (metallic) $75.52 $80.12
8"x10" standout $17.88 $19.14
8"x12" standout $21.73 $23.27
10"x10" standout $21.73 $23.27
10"x20" standout $36.30 $38.89
11"x14" standout $26.13 $28.00
12"x12" standout $25.58 $27.39
12"x18" standout $32.18 $34.43
16"x20" standout $36.30 $38.89
16"x24" standout $55.28 $59.18
20"x20" standout $55.28 $59.18
20"x24" standout $55.28 $59.18
20"x30" standout $71.78 $76.84
24"x30" standout $108.08 $115.67
24"x36" standout $150.98 $161.59
30"x30" standout $165.00 $176.55
30"x40" standout $179.85 $192.45





















































































WHCC uses Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper for all available finishes: Glossy, lustre, and metallic.

Kodak Professional Supra Endura is a professional paper that provides amazing quality, outstanding longevity, and excellent durability in a color-managed digital workflow. It features vivid color, neutral tone scale, and excellent flesh tones, making it an excellent choice for portrait, wedding, and commercial applications.

Technical specifications for Kodak Professional Supra Endura paper can be found here.

Key Features:

  • Increased color gamut
  • Excellent flesh reproduction
  • Exceptional sharpness: type, graphics, images
  • Brilliant image quality—print after print
  • Designed for pro labs using color-managed digital exposure systems



WHCC will print images in one of three finishes -- Glossy, Lustre, or Metallic -- based on availability and your buyer’s selection. Please refer to the Print and Product pricing profile within your account for information as to which print sizes are offered in which finishes.

Glossy photos are printed on coated paper with a very smooth, shiny reflective surface. Glossy finishes have a high-contrast appearance and look slick to the touch when not under glass. This finish has an excellent dynamic range and color - slightly more "pop" than the matte paper, though less noticeable once framed.

  • Photos will have a shiny finish.
  • Colors are vibrant.
  • Images are crisp and sharp (assuming the original photo was in focus).
  • Glossy finish does not produce a textured look when scanned and converted to digital.

Lustre paper is the premier paper most preferred by portrait and wedding photographers and is considered more of a professional-grade paper. Lustre has a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like texture. Lustre paper has a deeper color-saturization than matte, has a higher contrast, and is thicker than consumer paper.

  • Fingerprints and smudges are not as visible
  • Anti glare
  • Pro quality paper
  • Great for framing
  • Excellent for wedding photos

Metallic paper is extremely durable and produces an almost chrome-like burnished appearance; photographers have described the look as “chrome on paper.” The glossy finish and metallic look of this paper will enable you to create prints with exceptional visual interest and depth.  The proprietary laminate layers also increase the durability and tear resistance of the final print, increasing the opportunities for display applications.

  • Striking, distinctive, eye-catching metallic look
  • Increased color gamut for rich impact and intense blacks to enhance print appeal
  • Exceptional sharpness, brightness, and color saturation
  • Optimized for digital printing



Please refer to the WHCC website for the most updated information on making sure your images are optimized for the very best color output every time.

If you opt for color-correction of your files, you will be charged $0.75 per file per order (not per print). This means if an order contains 10 prints of the same image, you’ll be charged $0.75, whereas an order containing 10 prints of 10 different images, your fee for color correction services would be $7.50.


Back Printing

Back printing allows you to enter text which will be printed on the back of the image (e.g. "John Smith Photography"). When setting prices for WHCC prints and products, you will find the back printing option available as a free-form text field. In this field you may place whatever text you wish to be printed on the backs of your images.

There is no additional charge for back printing. 



To preserve your brand identity, WHCC does not include their own branding in their packaging to your clients. If you have provided your “Sales Address” in your Sales Settings, WHCC will print this on the shipping label. 

When a client purchases a print to be fulfilled by WHCC, he or she will be able to choose from the following options.

For US shipments:

  • Economy, USPS (8x10 and smaller only)
  • Economy trackable, UPS SurePost (All sizes)
  • 3 days or less (UPS 3 Day Select)
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver (2 day if Next Day Saver is not available)

For international shipments:

  • UPS Standard to Canada
  • USPS Priority Mail International (with tracking)

Shipping rates are calculated based on the chosen shipping method as well as the destination of the shipment. 

** As of June 1, 2019 the following WHCC shipping prices are increasing. **

Shipping Options 2018 Prices 2019 Prices
Economy USPS - 8x12 and smaller, no premium packaging $ 3.45 $ 3.50
Economy trackable - all sizes $ 6.85 $ 7.25
3 days or less - all sizes $ 9.60 $ 10.25
Next day saver or 2 day if NDS not available - all sizes $ 18.95 $ 19.95
FedEx to Canada $ 15.50 $ 15.50


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