Creating Image Packages

A package on PhotoShelter is a collection of prints, products, and/or downloads that you may group together and sell for one set price. They're a great idea if you want to help make the selection and ordering process a bit simpler for your clients – just offer them a bundle of items for one single rate, and watch the sales come through!


Creating a Package

1. Select Sell > Image Packages from the Navigation Bar. If you're here for the first time, you will click the Create New Package button to get started.

2. Enter a name for your package as well as an optional description. These fields will help the buyer decide exactly which package to choose when viewing the available package offerings from your site. You may also optionally add a SKU number, which is for your internal use only and will not be displayed to buyers.

You'll then decide whether the package may include different images or only one single image. For instance, you may allow for a single image of the buyer's choice to be purchased in a variety of print sizes or forms (say, a set of wallets, an 8x10, and a personal use download - all for one price). Alternatively, you may choose to offer an entire gallery of images in different sizes or forms (say, five 4x6s, two 8x12s, and 10 personal-use downloads). If you opt to allow for a package containing different images, the buyer will be able to browse through a gallery and choose which images from that gallery he or she wants in what sizes/forms.

3. When you've filled out the above fields, click the Add Products button. This will trigger a pop-up box in which you can choose the prints and/or download options you wish to include in your package. Use the links to skip to the integrated print lab's offerings or your self-fulfilled products.

Whatever it is you decide you want to offer, just click the checkbox next to the item(s) and then click the blue Add Products link at the bottom of this window. Your selections will then display next to the rest of your package info (name, description, etc.), where they will be ready for further editing.

Note: You're welcome to include products from more than one vendor in a single package, but please be advised that this will require multiple shipments, and your buyer will have to pay shipping costs separately with each shipment. To avoid confusing your buyer, we also strongly recommend that you do not offer comparable products from multiple vendors (i.e. a 4x6 from AdoramaPix and a 4x6 from BWC Photo Imaging).

4. Next, enter the specific quantities you wish to associate with the specific downloads/prints/products you have selected. If you are allowing for personal use downloads in your package, you may also optionally use the free-form field beside that option to enter in an external description for the download.

5. Click the blue Save Package button. 


After you have created or updated a package, you'll need to apply prices to it. Move on to our tutorial on Pricing Image Packages to learn more.

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